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Local Business

  •  Independent Riders believe that the success of small businesses within our community is an important factor in reducing youth unemployment as well as bringing and retaining valuable skills on the Fraser Coast.  

    Our small offering will promote local small business both on our website, through our public
    Facebook Page and n our monthly publications.

    As this page grows businesses will be categorised, we also hope moving forward that similar pages will also be available for our Capricorn Coast and Moreton Bay Branches.

    This is a free service, for more information e-mail  or contact Michael on 0409 575284.


Business Category

        - Motorbike Apparel

        - Tee-Shirts
             * Original One of The Boys  Facebook


Graphic Art

        - Battery

        - Car

        - Electrical

        - Motorcycle

         - Spray Painting
                * Paint Doctor - Hans Kreuzen



Business Details

Maryborough based tee-shirts


Airbrushing Motorcycles